Contract Tests

1. Thermal Conductivity

In collaboration with our partner C-Therm Technologies we offer contract testing service for measurement of thermal conductivity and effusivity.

You can find our instruments in industries as polymers, ceramics, metals, textiles, building- & insulation materials, nano-materials, explosive & hazardous materials, thermal electrical materials, thermal interface materials, heat transfer fluids, geological & petroleum research, etc.

We are able to measure Thermal Conductivity in a range from 0 to 500 W/mK in a temperature range from -50°C till 200°C.

The measuring service of thermal properties has been created for customers, whose want to use not only our powerful instruments, but also our engineers to insure the quality of the results.
How does our contract testing service work? Simple!

  1. You take contact with our experts and discuss your specific application
  2. We advice on the feasibility of the test and samples specifications
  3. You send the samples at our office
  4. We perform the measurements and deliver you a report with the results of the test – in agreement with your specific requirements

On request, we perform the tests at the customer location.
We provide you this service in a short time en against our excellent prices.

2. Other tests possible at our partner laboratories are:

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Stability & Aging Testing (Salt, UV & Xenon)
Stress Relaxation
Surface Tension Testing
Tear Testing
Thermal Analysis (TGA/DSC & TMA)
Visco-Elastic Testing (DMA & Rheology/Viscosity/Plasticity Testing)
Viscometer-Rheometer On Chip Testing (VROC)
Weatering Stability Testing