DMA 25 / 50 series (desktop)

DMA25 / DMA50 are desktop DMA offering a high force range and outstanding flexibility from glass transition determination to immersed test, which makes them powerful thermomechanical testing platforms.



Materials: Elastomers, Thermoplastic polymers, thermosets, composites, biomaterials, foods ...

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DMA+100, 150, 450 series

These products are no more available.
DMA+100 and DMA+150 are replaced by DMA+300.
DMA+450 is replaced by DMA+1000.


DMA+300, 1000, 2000 series

The new DMA+ series instruments are dynamic testing machines based on a brand new concept and dedicated to analysis of viscoelastic properties (DMA) and to fatigue tests of advanced materials and industrial components, as well as to the follow up of crack growth.DMA+300/1000/2000

The DMA+ new high-rigidity one-piece test frame has been designed to offer optimal stiffness and frequency analysis ranges, along with first-class ergonomics.

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XPANDER - New automated specimen handling system for DMA+ series

METRAVIB Xpander is an automated specimen handling system dedicated to Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers of DMA+ series.

Xpander allows DMA test campaigns to run continuously and autonomously without any operator intervention.
Xpander has been designed to significantly increase the number of tests performed by METRAVIB DMA instruments in various test modes: compression, tension and shear. Tests are performed around the clock and no longer require the presence of an operator. Xpander's flexibility makes possible to accommodate with material specimens of various shapes and sizes.
The specimen handling automation targeted since the original design of DMA+ series ensures keeping high performance in their robotic mode.

As a pioneer in the automation of dynamic testing, METRAVIB has been supplying the leaders of the rubber and tire industries with robotic Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers for more than 15 years. 




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VHF104 is an innovative Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer that offers a direct experimental method to measure the materials' viscoelastic properties over a very high frequency range from 100 Hz up to 10 kHz. Such a test requires only a few minutes, while the traditional approach with DMA low frequency testing on several temperature stages requires several hours and WLF calculation.VHF104

VHF104 allows optimizing the laboratory's productivity by fulfilling industrial requirements for the rapid analysis of large numbers of materials formulations.

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ROB100 is an automatic specimen loader dedicated to the DMA+450 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer. The analysis of a large number of specimens is then possible, on a continuous and unattended basis, without any action required from the operator during the tests.ROB100

ROB100 offers a free choice in the definition of tests and the combination of experiments applied to each specimen. Based on an original mechanical system (METRAVIB patent), ROB100 ensures full control of mounting conditions for each specimen and guarantees unique measurement reproducibility.

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